About Us

In 1987 Urgent Ambulance Service Inc. was founded in Philadelphia Pennsylvania by Edward L Macchione Jr. Mr. Macchione Jr. decided he did not like the way patients were treated by some of the ambulance services available. He set out to build a company that would keep in mind the patients needs as well as the company needs. He set out to find employees who would be an intergraded part of the “Urgent Family”. The “Urgent Family” not only would provide outstanding service to its patients, but would also treat them like a part of their family. Its one of our many goals to assist our patients to make an informative choice about their medical transportation needs.

In 1994 Urgent Ambulance Service Inc. moved its central office into Newark, Delaware to provide services to Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As the standards of service have grown, our company has grown with it. In 1998 Urgent Ambulance Service Inc. began its sister company, EDS Transportation System Inc. EDS Transportation provides para-transit services to some of our clients due to the changes in the guidelines for Medicare and many other insurance companies. Since some of our patients no longer qualified for ambulance transportation these para-transit units could transport them safely at a more affordable rate. Our para-transit units are capable of lifting patients in their wheel chair into the unit where they are secured for a safe transportation.
Over many years the company has grown up and down with the demand for service. Our patients however have always remained our main concern. If you should have any question or concerns feel free to contact us.

Our Mission:

Urgent Ambulance Service Inc. is committed to provide exceptional emergency medical services to those in need of medical transportation.

Our Vision:

We are pleased provide individuals with the highest standard of care by hiring only skilled employees who are compassionate and can provide quality care for our patients. It is our goal to help our clients and families make informed decisions that best meet their medical transportation needs.